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If it involves words, our multi-award winning team of writers can help.


We will identify the magic in your story, weave words that bring your idea to life, guide and train your key staff so they can communicate with those essential to your success.


Crisp, confident, original content, customised to your needs. We write everything from technical articles, case studies and wedding speeches, to in-depth features, annual reports and social media posts.


Keri Welham has worked with and trained brilliant storytellers across New Zealand. When she's unable to fill a role herself, she calls on a trusted network of content creators to help clients achieve their communication goals.

Our hand-picked stable of professional writers, researchers, editors, photographers and communicators complete every assignment to

All the Words’ exacting standards.

Keri personally oversees every contract to ensure we nail the brief, exceed expectations with clear and clever content, and deliver on time and on budget.

With our unique ability to source talent, All the Words is a quick-fire solution for businesses caught short.



Often, clients require more than a quick turnaround article, story or speech.


Keri is adept at picking up an entire long-term tranche of work and managing it through to completion.

She has done this in contract editing roles, where she has taken on the job of creating back-to-back editions of a magazine, for years on end, for clients whose in-house staff just don’t have the time or experience.

She has also managed many large, significant and often-complex projects, such as:

  • lengthy strategic documents pulling together various voices

  • corporate books requiring up to 50 interviews and coordination of photo shoots

  • presentations reliant on the formation of a common voice across a number of teams within a business

  • research to update an extensive portfolio of documents which had to be kept up-to-the-minute

  • creation of website and billboard copy during a global public health crisis

  • development of a world-first e-therapy tool for people coping with addiction

  • collateral suites requiring continuity across printed products, website, and social voice

All the Words has been a member of the New Zealand All-of-Govt contracting panel since its inception; a position which enables us to compete for Government contracts and an endorsement of which we are very proud.


Keri works mostly with corporates, where she trains key executives to better communicate with their staff, shareholders and the public. She has been engaged as a private writing coach for an economist, an aspiring travel writer, and numerous senior business leaders. Keri is frequently contracted by businesses that require key staff to develop a media instinct so they know what to expect, and how to get their thoughts across, in a crisis.

Until 2016, Keri ran a month-long boot-camp for Fairfax Media’s 3-4 most promising young journalists each year. She had the pleasure of helping some exceptionally talented writers get started.

From 2007 to 2015, Keri also ran feature writing, newsgathering, reporting, interviewing and standards workshops for Fairfax Media (now Stuff).

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